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Category: Apple Hardware

Apple MacBook Air, Switching to Samsung SSDs?

Written on April 18, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Apple goes for a faster SSD for their MacBook Air with SM1286C. Could it be Samsung's?

The last time we heard of the , it was updated last October 2010 with a new 11.6″ form, along with faster graphics and formidable SSDs – aptly called Blade SSDs – due to its thin demeanor. It was later revealed by iFixit that the almost thin as paper SSDs were actually ’s Blade X-gale with read speeds of 210MB/s and write speeds of 176MB/s.

However, it was recently discovered that the MacBook Air is playing two-timer as there appears to be another version of the notebook with an (Toshiba is TS128C). Reports speculate that the other could have come from since does have a record for using Samsung SSDs before.

The SM1286C is faster compared to its Toshiba counterparts, running with read speeds of 261MB/s and write speeds of 210MB/s. The catch to this though is that consumers wouldn’t know which SSD is on which MacBook Air. So it’s most likely a gamble unless Apple dedicates the notebook to only one SSD.

The move from the TS128C to the SM1286C could be the result of the recent earthquake, tsunami, and radiation disaster combo going on in . With supplies running low and slow for the world market to use, changing suppliers that can provide the materials faster would be a wise decision.

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