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Apple Sues Samsung for ‘Copying’ iPhone and iPad

Written on April 19, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Apple had enough of the iPhone and iPad 'copies', as the company sues Samsung Electronics for copyright charges.

If a friend accidentally picks up your Samsung Galaxy S 4G phone instead of his Apple 3GS, then something must be wrong. And it looks like Apple realized this, as the fruit company sues Samsung Electronics for allegedly copying the design aesthetics of the and . The lawsuit was filed over at the Northern District of California last Friday.

From the interface, the , down to the design style, a user can easily mistake one for the other. And Apple is charging Samsung for intellectual property violations and damages.

The perpetrators? For the smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G bears notoriously close resemblance to the iPhone. While for tablets, the , Nexus S, and look a lot like the iPad. There’s also a possibility of joining the case since, ultimately, the OS for these devices provide a resemblance to the iOS.

Apple shares their sentiment on this matter:

“Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products.”

Samsung has yet to give their thoughts on the matter.

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  • Cristian Trohin

    Is this for real? I mean, the Galaxy S is now replaced by it’s big brother S II. Why not sue LG for the Optimus 2X. Why not sue Samsung a year ago when they launched the Galaxy S? Lots of why’s right?
    Well, since these are different patents, it’s not Samsung’s fault for it’s patent approval. So Apple is suing because that’s what Apple does! I’m sure there will come a time when Apple will sue Hypermarkets for selling apples without Apple’s approval. And why not sue every English speaking person for using the “I” word in day to day sentences?
    I appreciate Apple for what they’ve done for the industry, but the iPhone was not the only phone in the world to use rounded corners. Why didn’t they sued Samsung when the released the original Omnia? It had rounded corners too. I’ll tell you why: because they did not see Samsung as a threat. But now that Samsung is eating from Apple’s pie, they got worried. I’m sure this will be another of Apple’s lost lawsuits.
    When Apple “borrows” ideas, they call themselves innovators, when others do the same, they are copying Apple technology. Why didn’t they sue MS for copying the Vista search from Mac OS X? Because MS would eat them alive.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I (feel free to sue me for using “I”, Mr. Jobs) don’t think very big of Samsung, having my share of troubles with them in the past, but this attitude from Apple is just hilarious.

  • Chris Gwilliams

    I always thought that when the Galazy S first came out in the UK.

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