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Android App Review: ImageAMMO

Written on April 21, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Want a creative way of showing off your beach pictures with your friends? Then ImageAMMO's got you loaded.

There are several image viewing apps available out there for , but none could withstand the dynamic might of . With as much as 15 dynamic shapes your photo gallery can turn into plus several features that will please almost everyone, the app provides a fun, cohesive way of letting you show-off your pictures in the flashiest way possible.

ImageAMMO is a creative photo gallery app developed by ImageAMMO, LLC. It only takes up to 395.6KB space on your phones or and can run on any version from Android 2.1 onwards. The app costs $5.99 which may be a tad expensive, but the possibilities on how to use this app is almost limitless.

ImageAMMO can transform your photo gallery into 15 dynamic shapes that can be moved to your heart’s content. The interface and the process are very intuitive. You first choose the album, then the shape you want your gallery to be, and you’re through. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to sync the app with your existign photo library, it’s just there!

The images shown on ImageAMMO is defintely top-notch whether its on the or . But perhaps the best way to see the app’s brilliance is through the , since it may prove a little difficult to enjoy pictures on a small screen.

The only issue we had with ImageAMMO is its slow response. Despite having a 1GHz smartphone, the app tends to slow down, especially when there are too many images.

Overall, the ImageAMMO app for Android is a handy tool to show-off pictures in a very unique and exciting way. With just a touch, you can zoom in or zoom out into a myriad of 3D or 2D effects that will impress anyone who’s viewing it.


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