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T-Mobile G2x Phone Review: a Nice Mix of Style and Performance

Written on April 23, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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T-Mobile delivers a suave and reliable smartphone under the G2x loaded with multimedia features and then some.

Are you still on your quest to find the perfect smartphone for your needs? Well then maybe your long search has finally come to a halt (until the next best thing comes in a month or two) as presents the phone. A phone that provides a great combination of elegant style and amazing performance thanks to NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 1GHz chip.

Originally branded as the , which was released last year, T-Mobile slapped in their logo for US distribution and added the phone to their G phone series. Now tagged as the T-Mobile G2x, this is the first time the company utilized a non-HTC phone in the G line-up, and already the LG phone is making waves with its incredible and snappy speed that can possibly outperform any other HTC phones in T-Mobile’s arsenal.

Like what we already mentioned, the T-Mobile G2x provides snappy and slick performance thanks mostly to its 1GHz chip. Whether you navigate through the interface, browse the web, or mingle with any other app available, the phone responds very quickly and smoothly despite it being powered by only a 512MB ram.

And capitalizing on its powerhouse of a chip, T-Mobile G2x has a ton of multimedia features ranging from hook-ups to a big-screen television, a mirroring mode which allows you to watch content on your phone and the TV at the same time, and a DLNA which lets you share content with other DLNA devices without any wires. And if you’re more of a gamer type, then this phone is dead-on impressive as it runs graphically heavy games like Need for Speed or NOVA.

Unfortunately, not everything here is nice as the camera lacks the stellar performance its other features provide. Despite having being powered by 8.0MP and 1080p video quality, the quality it gives range from nevermind to nice.

When it comes to design and interface, the T-Mobile G2x is just what the doctor ordered that will feed your hunger for some sleek and simple body. Its black-piano finish, along with sexy curves along its corners provide that added elegance whenever you pull it out of your bags or pockets.

Its 4-inch IPS gives a very crisp and brillant display. It’s not as powerful as the Super AMOLED screen, but it’s good enough to deliver stunning graphics, color and resolution that will make your games and HD videos look amazing.

The T-Mobile G2x is only 0.4 inches thick and weighs 5 ounces, so you’ll have no trouble at all carrying this piece of brillance.

Overall, the T-Mobile G2x is practically everything you’d want in your phone. With arresting features and design, along with a decent price tag, this has got to be T-Mobile’s most impressive offer yet. Just don’t count on its camera to give you the juicy video quality you’d expect from a high-quality cam.


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