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Top 5 iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

Written on April 23, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Be graphically inspired with these iPhone apps.

Graphic designers today are in a grind as they constantly work to find inspirations in creating designs that would captivate them, or atleast captivate their clients so they can just get paid. While most of designers already have iPhones with them (screw Google , we’re in it for the aesthetics!), many are still in the blur as to what would not only suit their needs, but would entertain them as well during a long, tough wrestling match with a hard-headed client.

Check out GADG’s top five iPhone apps for designers that doesn’t include Adobe Photoshop SDK (since it’s already a given and we wanted to give other apps a chance at the spotlight).

No idea what font is on that poster design you came across with? Inspired by how sexy those serifs curve at the tip? Well incase you want to use them for future projects but don’t exactly know its name, then What Da Font app is all you need. Just take a phooto of the design and let the app identify the font in a snap.

Palettes Pro
One of the most powerful and popular color palette creation apps available in the iPhone. It’s the perfect tool for you to grab color schemes from a photograph or graphic design that you want to use, and ofcourse it provides the feature to create your own color palette anywhere and anytime.

Mind Maps
Sometimes letting ideas visualize itself inside your head won’t cut it. For you to have a very vivid idea on how ideas would pan out, or how a brainstorming session is doing, we usually turn to the pen and paper to do this task. Well since this is 2011, it’s way better to do it on your iPhones, right? Maybe not. But SimpleMind Xpress Mind Maps is still an amazing tool to lay out your ideas during your creative stages and brainstorms. The app allows you to collect, structure, reorganize and reformat thoughts easily.

No artist can make a design without inspiration. From a Twisted Mind App gives you some partial inspiration as it gives you artworks and illustrations from various artists. And incase you can’t find what you’re looking for, then use Google.

Well there’s nothing much to say here. Almost everybody uses Instagram, graphic designers and non-graphic designers alike. With the world being an organic artwork waiting to be structured or re-conceptualized into something amazing, Instagram captures the very moment you think that traffic sign would look great as an ad to some random product. And with to boot, Instagram provides different perspectives that you may have not thought of yet.

Those are our top five iPhone apps for graphic designers. What’s yours?


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