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E3 2011: Let the Console Wars Begin!

Written on April 24, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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The console wars begin anew as Nintendo Wii will most likely heat up the competition with their next generation home console.

With less than two months away until the Electronic Entertainment Expo or kicks in to rock the video game industry, many people are already wondering what’s going to happen and what surprises are in store for our Xbox360s, PS3s, 3DS, etc.

E3 has always been a mini-barometer on how gamers react to a gaming company’s platter. If one line is way longer than the other, that only means that company A is doing much better than company B. Sony, Ninendo and Microsoft have already given hints to what they’ll bring into the console wars during their more or less two hours of unadulterated attention, and it looks like we’ll be seeing more of what we already know, but let’s hope it won’t be a snoozefest.

Hit the break to check out what we can expect on the epicly awesome E3 2011!

– More information about the Next Generation Portable (NGP) or . Perhaps they’ll come up with a better name instead of some generic name. NGP doesn’t exactly encapsulate the stellar features the handheld has to offer. Expect to see prices and release dates along with more teasers on how the console works and what games are coming out with it.
– More PlayStation 3 games. Perhaps there’s already a buzz on the The Last Guardian, Unchartered 3, or Little Big Planet 3 (although don’t count on LBP3 just yet, considering that LBP 2 has just been released.)

Overall, Sony has nothing revolutionary to bring into the table. They’ll just show stuff we already know. This probably is the best place to line-up for some free gameplay since most people in US aren’t that muc interested in Sony as they are to Nintendo and Microsoft.

– Nintendo Wii seems to be in its final stages of its lifespan, but don’t expect to see it go down without a fight as the console will still have some awesome games coming up, and when we say ‘awesome games’ we mean only Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Everything else seems to be ‘bleh.’
– Nintendo 3DS, 3DS, 3DS. Nintendo’s latest prized stallion. Expect more game announcements and game demos.
! We’ve learned last week that Nintendo’s gonna make that big reveal on their next home console. And with a promise that the next Wii won’t be as gimmicky as its predecessor, it looks like Nintendo has finally revved up their graphics engines to take on and head on.

– E3 2011 for Microsoft will be all about . That’s pretty much it. Looks like Microsoft is banking on the success of their motion peripheral, and why shouldn’t they?
– Xbox 360 exclusive games demos and release date reveals. Maybe we can get a hint as to when Halo 4 will come out?


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