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Hulu Plus Arriving on Xbox 360, April 29

Written on April 27, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Hulu Plus for Xbox 360 might be Microsoft's move to capitalize on Sony's troublesome PSN crisis. But will it work?

We could speculate that this move is taking advantage of ’s () current crisis. But of course, that’s only a speculation. Either way, it looks like there’s no stopping Hulu from jumping into the Xbox 360, as a scan of OXM magazine reveals that will be making its debut on the console this April 29.

According to the OXM magazine scan, the launch of Hulu Plus will be celebrated with a where prizes will be given away to random Hulu Plus users. The prizes include Beach Resort trips, free Xbox 360 bundles and Hulu Plus subscriptions. The will run from April 29 until May 30.

has neither confirmed nor deny the report, but it would make sense if they’ll go all out with Xbox 360’s services now that PSN activities have been halted temporarily. But is this enough to bring Sony followers to the Xbox side? GADG’s guess is as good as yours, “No.” But we may be wrong.

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