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Nokia Set to “Do the Right Thing” with its Own Tablet

Written on April 28, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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When the "right thing" for Nokia's tablet is coming, only the company can tell.

With around 200 available in the market coming from , , HP Palm, and RIM, it’s quite jarring to know why hasn’t jumped into the category despite its (former) status as a giant — plus its recent partnership with the Microsoft Windows for their upcoming smartphones.

Perhaps, one can pinpoint the current development of the Windows phone for Nokia as a factor to why the company hasn’t made a tablet yet. Nokia CEO, , elaborated through an interview with Finnish website – YLE – that the company is seeking to “do the right thing” with their tablets, instead of being another clone with a Nokia logo embedded on its surface.

“There are now over 200 different tablets on the marketplace, only one of them is doing really well. And, my challenge to the team is I don’t wanna be the 201st tablet on the market that you can’t tell from all of the others. We have to take a uniquely Nokia prospective and so the teams are working very hard on something that would be differentiating relative to everything else that’s going on in the market.”

When asked if the company is in a hurry to come up with the “right” tablet, Stephen Elop simply stated, “We’re always in a hurry to do the right things, but we’re mostly in a hurry to do the right thing.”

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