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Category: Gaming Software

Sony: PSN Running Again Within a Week, New PS3 SDKs Now Available to Devs

Written on April 28, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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PSN's going back into action within a week, but for only "some services." Devs urged to get new SDKs for new security features.

has recently announced through their blog that “some services” of the () will be go back online within a week. The company did not specify what these “some services” are, but at least people got something.

Sony also urged some developers to acquire and install the new SDKs on their PlayStation 3 dev kits. The new SDKs will include new security features in light of the recent attacks on the PSN service, which has sent Sony and all its denizens into a state of discord after learning that private information – such as billing addresses, usernames and passwords – have been compromised. Sony has assured though that credit card information was not breached, explaining that the database was encrypted and there have been no evidence that it has been hacked.

With all the mess that’s going on over at the Sony PSN’s (PlayStation Network) turf, the company will eventually have to do something before they start losing customers to the other side of the fence.

And with about a week has passed since the April 20th PSN incident, Sony has somehow finally set a course as to where the PSN will go with the additional security measures.

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