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Microsoft Introduces Windows Phone 7 API, Makes Porting iPhone Apps Easier

Written on May 02, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Microsoft opens its gates widely for iPhone app developers with the application programming interface, or API.

Looks like is making all the right moves to invite to the . As continues to make its mark in the smartphone OS universe, Microsoft has unveiled a feature that allows app developers to easily program their iPhone apps for Microsoft phones.

Introducing Windows Phone 7’s application programming interface, or . It allows app developers to “map” often used iPhone programming functions to Windows phones, based on three popular categories: Network/Internet, User Interface, and Data Management.

“For current mapping, we started with 3 popular categories (Network/ Internet, User Interface and Data Management) and mapped them to Windows Phone 7 API. Don’t expect a mapping for all of the APIs, simply because the platforms are built upon different architectures and user interfaces. For this first round we focused on identifying the one-to-one mapping when it exists. In the following versions we’ll expand the scope and anytime the concepts are similar enough, we’ll do our best to provide the appropriate guidance.”

Microsoft is said to be working on an version of the API as well.

With Windows practically opening a gigantic door for app developers, it won’t be long until the Microsoft phone OS will finally have a competitive number of apps to entice consumers to go WP7.

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