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Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to US, According to Voice Actor

Written on May 02, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Is Xenoblade Chronicles really coming to the US? Unless the voice actor was on some kind of crack, it's definitely a yes.

When Europe announced around a month ago that will be hitting the region this year, fans from the US grew green with envy and wonder if (or when) the game will ship to American shores. Well perhaps US gamers may have something to cheer about as Peter Dickson, a voice actor working on the European version, hinted that it will certainly be hitting North America. But he doesn’t particularly say when.

According to the voice actor’s website:

“Peter has been cast as the Emperor Sorean – the leader of the High Entia in the cult Nintendo RPG Xenoblade Chronicles. The game will be released Autumn 2011 in UK, Europe and USA. Peter is thrilled to have played such a leading role in a massively successful Nintendo title.”

So unless that was just a standard assumption coming from the voice actor, Xenoblade Chronicles will definitely come to the US. Perhaps the only way to confirm this is at the E3 2011 convention. Maybe then gamers can also find out when the is.

Xenoblade Chronicles is a role-playing game developed by and published by Nintendo for the . It was first released in last June, 2010 and is set for a European release this September 2011.

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