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Microsoft and RIM Surprises World, Bing Coming to Blackberry

Written on May 04, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Microsoft and RIM, long time rivals in the business-use of smartphones, now forge an alliance in order to survive the harsh territories of the market.

When you see Chief Executive, Steve Ballmer, walk to the stage of a event and announce something about , it’s pretty normal. But when you see Chief Executive, Steve Ballmer, walk down to the stage of a World conference and announce something about Bing, hell must have frozen.

In an apparent move to boost their presence in the business-use of the smartphone, Microsoft and Research in Motion (RIM) have forged an alliance that will bring the Bing and map to Blackberry phones. This comes as a surprise, since Microsoft and RIM has been playing one-upsies over the business category of the smartphone industry years ago. But the Blackberry triumphed, as it wipes out Microsoft’s staunchest champion — the Windows Mobile.

With Microsoft still trying to mark its territories in the smartphone industry with , the company’s search engine couldn’t just stand idly around and watch how other search engines – especially – reign supreme.

With Bing bringing its search and mapping services to the Blackberry, Microsoft will definitely have a relatively stronger presence in the market. This move would also boost Blackberry’s dwindling U.S. market share, as it continues to receive blows both from Google and Apple. Google isn’t worried about Microsoft and RIMs team-up though.

The first Blackberry devices to carry Bing’s services will arrive this holiday season.

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