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World’s Tiniest Video Cam Ready for Your Anatomy

Written on May 05, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Medigus unveils 0.99mm video camera for all your doctor's diagnostic needs.

The thought of shoving a , no matter the size, inside one of your openings is always a horrid one. But perhaps this particular video cam could make things a little easier for you. has recently unveiled the smallest to date, which aims to probe the human anatomy in diagnosing problems when certain procedures no longer seem viable and – of course – make things a little less painful for the patient.

The camera is 0.99mm in diameter and contains a 0.66mm x 0.66mm CMOS sensor to provide a high image resolution of 45,000 pixels. The camera is equipped with a TSV (Through Silicon Via) , which enables miniaturization and ultimately reducing the mass-production cost.

Medigus’ masterpiece will be available either as a disposable or re-usable. It will be released in a couple of weeks for US and Japanese companies which produce cardiology-related devices. As stated by the Medigus Ltd. CEO, Dr. Elazar Sonnenschein:

“We are excited to release our second generation of disposable cameras to further progress the medical endoscopic field. Medical procedures that have not been possible until now become possible with the world’s smallest camera. The advanced technology provides the medical community and patients with safe, quality and cost-effective treatment.”

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