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LastPass Users Panic over Security Breach

Written on May 10, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Oh no! Password manager, LastPass, was under attack. Have you changed your master password yet?

Password manager, , urged its users to change their master after spotting a possible late last week. As posted on their blog, LastPass saw an unexplainable anomaly on its data logs, suspecting that it already accessed their database. However, their servers struggled with the deluge of requests. As a result, the company disabled the password changing service until its servers caught up.

LastPass also stated that the amount that could’ve been accessed was small, and that the wouldn’t affect users with strong and non-dictionary based passwords or pass phrases. In addition to this, LastPass subscribers who access the service from the same IP address were unaffected.

Based on the latest update, the password changing service was up again, and that there’s no need to panic. LastPass has brought all accounts into lock down to permit previous login locations only. Otherwise, users can verify their password change via email.

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