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Next Apple iPod Nano To Feature A Camera?

Written on May 11, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Photos showing that the 7th gen iPod nano may feature a camera have leaked over the Internet, Monday.

Aside from the small form and the multi-touch screen of the , photo evidences that leaked over the web show that the may include a camera feature on its rear side, ditching the usual built-in clip.

Thanks to “Ray” of California, the rumor’s source, the next iPod nano will not include a clip as the current model does. Placing a clip on the back of the device would cover the camera on the supposed device. His report on the website claims that the camera is a low-resolution 1.3 megapixel .

Do you think a camera on the nano will click, or would you just prefer with the usual clip? Share your comments below.

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