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Crucial Survey: PC Owners Replace Theirs Machines Every 4.5 Years

Written on May 13, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Crucial Technology asked over 1,000 PC owners why would they go for an upgrade, or replace their desktops for something new.

Crucial Technology, a semi-conductor devices manufacturer in Idaho, recently polled over 1,000 owners – aged 16 to 70 – from US, UK and France. According to the survey, over half of them believes that their should ‘live much longer’. But on the average, the poll shows that users ditches their old machine for a new one every four and a half years.

In addition to these, ’s survey also indicated the reasons why PC owners upgrade their system or buy a whole new one. The most popular reason for boxing out their old PC is slow speed. Aside from game frame rates, slow speed is also due to a full hard disk, installing superfluous software packages, as well as viruses and other malware. Simply put, a slow computer can be cured by re-installing their Windows, rebooting their PCs and running virus checks. But more than the slow speed, PC owners just simply disliked something on their desktops.

Moreover, 49% of PC owners believe that memory will make a difference to their machines, regardless of how much disk space it already had. And interestingly enough, 35% of the respondents are afraid of upgrading their PC on their own rather than dealing with their average house spider.

How about you: Would you go for a PC upgrade, or would you just stash your old desktop for something new?


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