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iKeyboard for Easier Typing on iPad

Written on May 13, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Are you one of the people having a hard time to type on iPad? Then you’ll love Cliff Thier's iKeyboard.

The is just the perfect solution for the often complained about problem with — typing. Face it, typing on isn’t as easy or comfortable compared to using the usual keyboard, specially if you’re writing long e-mails or documents.

, the iKeyboard’s inventor, commends iPad for being perfect and all, with just one flaw: Its touchscreen is not suitable for touch typing. That’s what inspired him to come up with the iKeyboard.

This simple, but brilliant overlay to an iPad’s touch screen “lets users feel where the keys are, minimizes mistakes, and lets touch typists take advantage of tactile feedback, just the way they do when they’re typing on a conventional keyboard.”

“Imagine sitting in a classroom trying to take notes but having to exclusively look at a virtual keyboard so you’ll be able to hit the right letters. If you’re thinking about where the next key is to tap, you can’t take notes because you can’t simultaneously think about what the teacher is saying,” Cliff explains.

The iKeyboard is a Kickstarter project, an innovative way to bring new products to market where people can share new ideas, and test-drive them without risk. Once a project has been shared, innovative thinkers like Thief are given the opportunity to support it financially by pledging a dollar amount toward what is required to produce that item.

The iKeyboard will only be funded if $4,000 is pledged by June 28, 2011. Gadg thinks this project surely deserves to get all the funding it needs, don’t you?

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