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Apple Store’s 10th Anniversary: How Will it be Celebrated?

Written on May 19, 2011 by Aiken Lewis

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Apple Store turns 10 today. So where’s the party?

Today is the 10th of the opening of the first , and surely won’t let it just pass by. While the company is keeping its wrapped, pulled some strings of for an upcoming :

• Ten to fifteen employees are asked to work overtime from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon.
• Apple employees are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and instructed to lock their cell phones.
• Black curtains are installed at all stores, and various teams were called.
• A confidential data labelled “training” was distributed among employees. This parcel should only be opened on Saturday afternoon.
• A meeting will be held on May 22, Sunday.

Aside from these speculations, there were also reports that Apple will introduce the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 this weekend. As of now, no official announcement or invitation has been released by Apple. Do you have other Apple hunches to share? If yes, then post it at the comments below.

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