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T-Mobile’s Roadmap for 2011 Has Exciting Offerings

Written on May 19, 2011 by Aiken Lewis

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T-Mobile is set to make 2011 an exciting year for Android and Blackberry fans.

It seems that is up for something good this year and it is reflected on the leaked company roadmap which appeared this week. The year 2011 is filled of and goodies but no mention about Windows Phones and the iPhone.

For June, ’s Sensation 4G and ’s Exhibit 4G are set to be released. In July, the Doubleshot from HTC which is also referred to as MyTouch 4G Slide, will make an appearance. Also that month, will be available in the market.

BlackBerry is also set to roll out its latest offering in July and August. The first to be released is the full touch screen phone called Monza. Next is the BlackBerry Bold Touch, a touch screen version of its classic smartphone.

By September, Samsung’s Hercules phone will be brought about. From this point forward, no clear plans what’s coming next. Reports say that LG will release Maxx and Maxx Q, as well as the Optimus T. There were also rumors about the introduction of the , T-Mobile’s flagship phone.

As for the iPhone, Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg mentioned his company is “ready to do it, but that’s an Apple decision.”

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