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New Windows Phone Marketplace Allows Over-the-air Apps Purchase

Written on May 26, 2011 by Adam Eve

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In addition to Microsoft's release of Mango operating system for WP7, the company will also debut a new web-based Marketplace to make purchase of apps more convenient.

’s Windows Phone Developer Blog recently posted that the company will launch a new web-based version of the Windows Phone , in addition to the release operating system this fall. The web-based will let users choose and buy from its 17,000 apps on a web browser and directly send it to their over the air.

In case the Marketplace service is not activated on a cellphone, it will switch on the over-the-air app service using SMS then a user can download and install the software. Moreover, users can send an email for themselves with a link to the app. The Mango operating system for focuses on making its devices efficient in multitasking, boost cloud integration and provide better platform tools for developers.

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