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Friday Captures Your Life

Written on May 27, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Now, you can have a better 'Friday' than what Rebecca Black can give you.

An – called – can make your even smarter, as it captures your life in terms of what you do with your phone. makes it available for you to go back to the old times for reminiscing.

Mobile phones today do more than just calls. Users can text friends and family, manage calendars and alarms, take pictures, listen to music, watch movies and answer emails, as well as navigate the globe.

Friday, a private alpha application that makes your phone ‘smart’, aids users to collect mobile moments and create journal which can be referenced and recalled. The application is created by the India-based startup, .

Dexetra co-founder, Binil Antony, says that they “are helping people remember their lives. We thought that since the role being played by the smartphone is so significant, why not use it to assist people?”

Friday collects and indexes most of the available data streams on your smartphone. This includes calls, text messages, emails, battery life, calendar events, music, , as well as location. The app uses all these info to generate a semantic map of your life. Users can ask Friday questions about events in their lives and the app will provide accurate results. In short, it indexes your actions to create your personal search engine.

The app was first released by Dexetra in late February and now has more than 5,000 users.

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