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See the World in Different Angle with the New Twitter Feature

Written on May 27, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Wonder what your Twitter friends see on their profile? Well, Twitter now gives you an 'out of the body' experience with their new feature.

just recently released its that allows users the view the world in another perspective. Just like its scrapped attribute two years ago, the new feature enables users see their friends’ recent tweets from users they’re following. Simply Put, users can view Twitter the way their tweeps sees it.

Seeing the online world through other people’s perspective is an uncommon way of garnering news. And while Facebook does a great job in connecting people around the world, its different foundation hinders its users to the see the world through other people’s eyes. That is where Twitter is well positioned to do.

As a fascinating public stream of half-structured data, Twitter’s new feature showcases another alley to slice and dice real-time social information. But this may have a very interesting consequence though. Do you think this new Twitter feature poses a user advantage? Leave your opinions at the comments below.

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