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Three Reasons to Get over with ‘Virtualization’

Written on May 29, 2011 by Adam Eve

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In case you do not know 'virtualization', let GADG help you by giving you three reasons to get over the confusion.

Almost everyone find the word ‘’ more confusing than ‘the cloud’. But when you think about what it can possibly do, you’ll realize that it’s pretty simple. For instance, a user can run Windows on his Mac through . Another, a virtualized smartphone app can be isolated in case your mobile device gets stolen or forgotten on a bus. So to get over with the confusion, posted below are three reasons why you should give a break.

1. A desktop is no longer just a PC. Whether it is your laptop or your , you have to secure your device. And in case someone stole it, a virtualized desktop enables you to control over its and data.

2. Having numerous online identities can be overwhelming. That said, virtualized desktop can cure that identity crisis by isolating apps that are mission critical.

3. A virtualized data environment can be a refuge in case of attacks. As what The Register asserts:

“Virtualization also brings with it an additional degree of resilience. Virtual environments can be configured to incorporate fail-safe mechanisms, so if a virtual machine goes down, it can be started up elsewhere (or indeed, two machines can be running in parallel with replicated state). VMs can also deliver what is known in parlance as ‘separation of concerns’ – specific applications can be run in their own virtual machines, meaning that if one is compromised or goes down, it is less likely to bring others down with it.”

Come to think of its outcome, virtualization need not to be confusing.


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