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Category: Software

Multi-purpose Rootkit Threat for Windows and Mac OS X, Detected by Kaspersky

Written on June 02, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Red Alert! Kaspersky warns Windows and Mac OS X users of a multi-purpose rootkit that can threaten their system.

Lab detected a multi-purpose rootkit that can threaten a 32-bit and 64-bit systems. This comes with a variant that targets . warns that the 64-bit rootkit uses a special digital signature for software developers. It is distributed via downloader, which also tries to install other malware.

The rootkit prevents users to install or run an antivirus, and effectively protects itself by intercepting and monitoring system activities. This makes the PC vulnerable to attacks, while the downloader acquires and executes malicious software — including the or for Mac OS X. Known as Hoax.OSX.Defma.f, the is one of the emerging threats for Mac OS X which is being a cyber criminal target.

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