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Top Five Set-Top Boxes for On-Demand Video

Written on June 04, 2011 by Adam Eve

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With set-top boxes vastly available any where, users can enjoy their televisions on their own terms. See the most popular set-top boxes for on-demand videos.

With the available today, people are having more ways to watch television on their own terms. You can now save your favorite shows and watch it later, stream them from the Internet, and download video anytime. That said, here’s a look on the five most popular that cater to every people’s entertainment needs.

Setting up your own Home Theater PC (HTPC) can be expensive. But the price you pay gives you the most possible control over your media needs. Building your own HTPC enables you to run whatever set-top box software you choose, and liberates you from the limitations of all of them.

For only $99, the second generation TV makes your TV experience ‘magical’. It supports wireless audio and video streaming from other devices from Airplay, and it also brings Netflix, MLB, YouTube videos, Flickr and many more to your HDTV.

With price ranging from $59.99 to $99.99, the Roku set-top box no longer just streams Netflix from your computer to your television, it also brings Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora Radio, Crackle, MOG, live sports, and a vast number of other channels and video podcasts. And you can get all of these on a tiny, easy to configure box.

Aside from being an awesome gaming console, the Xbox 360 offers Windows Media Center. If you’re a Xbox Live subscriber, you can access Netflix streams,, ESPN and Zune music. And although it doesn’t have a Blu-ray drive, the Xbox 360 also makes a great DVD player. As for the price, expect to spend from $199 to $399 — depending on your entertainment needs.

5. Box
Built by D-Link, the Boxee Box is a set-up streamer the runs the Boxee media center software. It has the same features that the software can offer, and it enables you to stream shows from the web, from Boxee’s own movie and TV show library, Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, MLB and NHL games. All of these can be yours for $199.


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