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Generation Y Considers Giving up Paid Television

Written on June 05, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Ideas and Solutions reveals why the Generation Y of paid television subscribers are leaning towards cutting the cable.

A Los Angeles-based consultant group for media and companies, , released a survey last Tuesday on how can keep their subscribers from cutting the cord. Based on the study, 60% of people between the ages of 18 and 29 were considering on giving up . The report groups the 70 million demographic into three: Loyalists, Leaners and At-risks. Obviously, the At-risks are those early adopters of technology and much more likely users of or .

According to Glen L. Friedman, president and founder of Ideas and Solutions:

“It’s not that the sky is falling, but it certainly warrants a lot of attention, and the subscription-based pay-TV providers, along with the programmers who rely on them for distribution, should really invest the time and the resources to get to know this audience better.”

The survey noted that sports fans who found the billing cycle convenient are the loyal consumers of paid television. It only shows that cable providers can keep their subscribers by attuning the television to the Leaners and At-risks’ preferences. That means having on-demand, DVR options and programs that are more aligned on their interests.

When asked what is the primary reason of Leaners and At-risks to cut the cable, over 60% of each group pointed out the cost. That said, Ideas and Solutions suggests that cable providers must be “cognizant of their pricing and packaging models and face the challenge that many ‘Gen Ys’ want the features they need at affordable price points because they are willing, ready and able to turn to alternative options, no matter what their level of loyalty to pay-TV.”

  • Johnnybgood

    First of all paid TV is as rip off.  The prices are so high your nose bleeds by the time you have to pay.  So who’s really to blame for all this?  The greedy companies and nobody else.  What goes around comes around and eventually stabs you in the wallet…

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