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Apple WWDC 2011: The Final Wrap Up

Written on June 07, 2011 by Adam Eve

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In case you missed Apple's keynote at WWDC 2011 last Monday, GADG wrapped up the everything you need to know in the event.

’s unveiled all the details for , iOS 5 and as promised. And albeit any upcoming hardware like iPhone 5 was not mentioned, this year’s WWDC is still a major step forward for the company in terms of software.

That said, GADG wrapped up the highlights and everything you need to know about Apple’s WWDC 2011 keynote below.

Mac OS X Lion
The keynote highlighted ten of more than 250 features of Mac OS X Lion. There will be disappearing scroll bars, and swift momentum-based scrolling, swiping and taps with the Multi-touch Gestures. The Full Screen Apps, meanwhile, enables a user to take advantage of every pixel on the screen with its Full-screen Button. In addition to this, users can simultaneously run more than one app, and go right back to the desktop without closing them by using the three-finger swipe to the right.

The Mac OS X Lion also has an Auto Save option, wherein the OS will automatically save everything for you in the background. In addition to these, the Resume feature brings you back to where you quit the application. And it doesn’t just works on your apps, the Resume feature is applicable system wide. Akin to the iPhone and iPad icons, the LaunchPad makes all your applications fly to your screen through a pinch motion. Using a three-finger swipe upwards, the OS will bring you to the Mission Control. Here, you can have a bird’s eye view of everything that is going on in your system. Furthermore, Mac OS X Lion has a built-in Mac App Store.

Mac OS X Lion also features a revamped Mail with its full-height message, favorite bars and snippets. It also has search suggestion, boolean searches and conversation views. Sharing files are now much easier with AirDrop’s peer-to-peer WiFi-based network. The system automatically detects who around you is also running the same feature, enabling you to drag and drop files to them. Your Mac can also be a time machine with Versions. You can take and edit manual snapshots, with only the changes stored

The Mac OS X Lion also has more than 3000 APIs for developers that are easy to upgrade. They are available at the Mac App Store and works on all Mac Devices. However, the APIs require 4GB of space, and will be available on July for $29.99.

iOS 5
The iOS 5 is a major release for developers and consumers. With over 1,500 APIs for the former and more than 200 features for the latter, the mobile OS will support iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2, and the 3rd and 4th generations of iPod Touch.

The Notifications Center also gets a revamp. It now pulls together all notifications in one place, and can be accessed with just a down swipe from top of the screen. Newspapers and magazines on iOS devices are now easier to access with its integrated subscription features — News Stand. And with Twitter deeply integrated into iOS 5, users can now use a single sign-on and can tweet directly from native apps like Camera and Photos, Safari, YouTube videos and Maps.

Furthermore, the Safari Reader button now pops up in the address bar to make it easier to read on iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile, Reading List enables users to pull various articles to read later. The location-aware Reminders feature creates virtual post-its and assigns memos and locations to various notes. In iOS 5, the Camera can now be accessed faster from the lock screen, while Mail now gets rich-text formatting, indentation support, draggable addresses, and flagging to mark unread mails. And just like Mail, the iMessages now supports individual and group conversation, text, photo and video messaging. The Game Center is now more social, while the iOS 5 no longer requires to sync with a desktop computer because it’s PC Free.

To be released this fall with the iOS 5, the iCloud will automatically store your music files in the cloud. In relation to this, the application can also push all of them to your devices over the air. And with MobileMe soon to cease, syncing contact, calendar and email will now be offered through iCloud free.

In addition to this, the Cloud Button shows your iTunes, AppStore and iBooks purchase history on all devices even if it’s not yet installed or downloaded. Just push the button and you can download your purchased app for free. The iCloud also enables you to sync your Pages, Numbers and Keynotes using Documents in the Cloud, and photos with Photo Stream.

You can visit Apple’s official website to learn more about their WWDC 2011 keynote.


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