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Microsoft’s Keynote at E3 2011

Written on June 07, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Microsoft kicks off this year's E3 with new games, features and announcements.

kicks off the , announcing that is set to arrive this year. Next on the list is the unexpected demo of , where Lara Croft finds herself trapped and escaped from the holding area, and navigating the dungeon filled with enemies and puzzles. After that is Cliff B of Epic Games, demonstrating the latest Gears of War 3 level.

Following the game demos, EA Sports, Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Mass Effect 3 announced their -ability. In addition to this, the Mass Effect 3 announced its Speech Recognition capabilities in , wherein gamers can give their squad basic commands and select conversation options using voice. Other titles that were revealed are Fable Journey, Disneyland Adventure, Minecraft and Forza 4 that is set for an October 11 release. Next in the game announcements is the . The software was unveiled to scan real-life objects and people, and bring them into a virtual world.

The also gets new features like YouTube integration, live TV streaming, Bing voice search and a redesigned XBML interface with full Kinect support for fluid navigation. Lastly, Microsoft also announced that Halo will be remade for Xbox 360, with 343 Industries refining the whole game. The Halo remake is set to ship this year, though the price was not disclosed.

To wrap it up, lineup of exclusive games and features were few and no upcoming hardware was announced. Regardless, Microsoft’s at E3 2011 gave fans a lot of reasons to get in a tizzy.

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