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Category: Apple Gadgets

Monster Releases Tron Light Disc iPod Dock

Written on June 08, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Another member of the ‘do we really need yet another iOS dock?’ family was added, as Monster releases the Tron Light Disc iPod dock.

Fans of sci-fi movies are often the most -obsessed consumers existing. Hence, is capitalizing on this by releasing the . The is inspired by the ‘identity disc’ seen in Tron: . It joins the family of for audio devices, and costs £200.

The Tron Light Disc iPod dock features dual pipe lighting rings around it, Tron-themed icons embedded in a 3D motion menu screen, Tron 2.3 player, and a skinned alarm clock application. It supports the iPod Nano; first, second and third generation iPod Touch; and all existing iPhone models.

Are you going to get one of these, or do you think that it’s not worth it?

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