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Open Mobile Summit 2011: No Plans to Sell Nokia

Written on June 09, 2011 by Aiken Lewis

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"All those rumors are baseless."- Stephen Elop, Nokia's new chief executive

Stephen Elop, ’s new chief executive, grabbed the chance at in London to clear the rumors that and Samsung have plans to acquire Nokia.

“All those rumors are baseless,” he firmly said to the summit’s attendees.

These rumors sparked after Nokia went in limbo after releasing products that were thought to be obsolete. Instead of dwelling on negative issues, Elop discussed the new strategies of Nokia:

• “Our commitment is to be more friendly than any of the others,” Olep said. This will be done by letting phone network companies profit from app purchases.
• The phones have to at its finest. “We must delight the consumers. We must be second to none,” Elop added.
• “We have to complete the ecosystem.” This means that the company will attend to specific needs of local markets like the need for dual-SIM phones in other countries.
• Nokia has plans to be in contact with more developers in places like Brazil, Russia and China.

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