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SkyDrive, to be Integrated in Windows Phone Mango

Written on June 09, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Apple's iCloud gets a competitor as soon as it was announced, as Microsoft unveils its own cloud service -- SkyDrive.

Just after announced its , posted on its Windows Live Blog last Tuesday its own . , ’s own cloud service, will be integrated into the . As for the release date, SkyDrive also drops on the same time frame as the iCloud — sometime this fall. But is SkyDrive really that similar to Apple’s iCloud?

Based on the Microsoft blog, SkyDrive’s cloud service will be integrated in Windows Phone Mango. It will enable users to share via email, SMS, or IM. Users can also upload videos, browse documents, see and search shared documents on SkyDrive. These documents include Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Microsoft SkyDrive offers a 25GB online storage documents, accessible by either native app or web browser that supports HTML 5.

And although the SkyDrive can let users store and share photos and videos via text, IM and email, it doesn’t sync media files like iCloud does. But the most important of all is the developers’ access. While iCloud provides APIs, SkyDrive doesn’t. But who knows? Something even better is yet to come from SkyDrive to Mango.

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