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Foreign Companies, in Rush to Sell iPhone 5 this Year

Written on June 10, 2011 by Lulu

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Foreign companies are now in the hype to sell Apple's iPhone 5 this year in race to reach the true "4G" speed.

Smartphone carriers will begin to roll out their fourth-generation Long Term Evolution network later this year, and Chief Corporate Communication Officer or – Ali Al Ahmad – announced that the company is talking to smartphone manufacturers (including ) to carry the before it begins. That said, they would be the first company to have it.

It’s not clear if Ali Al Ahmad is planning to use 5 to support Etisalat’s network, but the release of iPhone is believed to be set on 2012. Back in U.S., some companies also releases its network, like Verizon, late last year. Meanwhile, AT&T plans to begin rolling out their by the end of this year. These companies boost real download speed.

Wireless companies struggle to secure the necessary bandwidth and patents for LTE, for the race to reach a true “” data speed. Several reports have indicated that Apple’s next iPhone, will be likely released on September. The smartphone will be upgraded by using an A5 processor and 8MP camera. Based on another carrier executive, Stephane Richard of France Telecom, Apple’s next products will be smaller and thinner in size and will feature even a smaller SIM card format.

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