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Game Review: L.A. Noire, a Ride to the City of Angels

Written on June 11, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Playing a good cop of the LAPD, and solving crimes during the dark times of Los Angeles, makes L.A. Noire one hell of a ride from start to finish.

It was in 2006 when released a trailer of , depicting what Los Angeles in 1940’s looks like. After five years, partners with Rockstar Game to release as a dark and gruesome detective thriller. You will play as , a former Marine that is heading back home from World War II and is looking for a fresh start in Los Angeles. The City of Angels in 1940’s was having an economical boom, but war veterans are struggling to adapt to changes.

Starting off as a regular patrol cop, you’ll learn more about the game mechanics and how it works. Starting easy, L.A. Noire will hold your hand in learning how to find clues, investigating the evidences carefully and interrogating people involved in the case. After that, you’ll proceed to Traffic cases, Homicide, Vice and then to Arson. Once you’re done with the training, it’s up to you to decide whether the person you’re interrogating is being honest, doubtful to you or just plain lying. But beware that missing certain clues or having the wrong answer won’t open up new leads, and it will possibly make things bit more difficult. However, every success is equivalent to experience points that can help you unlock new outfits, hidden cars and intuition points.

You can use intuition points to help you out in cases that you are in. For instance, you’re unsure whether the person is lying or being doubtful, an intuition point can either remove a wrong answer or enable you to ask the community at Rockstar’s Social Club. In addition to this, intuition points can also be used to locate clues for a short period of time. However, not all level provides you with intuition points. So it’s better to use what you have wisely. Other than the usual cases, your police radio will sound off for help. These action-based and unassigned cases are scattered in LA, and can be a nice break from the linear cases you’ll play. More over, your partners can help you find clues and drive you around town.

When it comes to graphics, L.A. Noire is a great looking game with its realistic 1940’s feel. Cars are also unique and straight for the time period, whereas the characters execute top-notch performances. Their facial expressions are realistic and their clothes are spot-on. Other than the graphics, the L.A. Noire’s background music also does a good job. The jazz music sets the mood when you’re solving crime, while the song and radio broadcasts heighten up the overall experience. Even the voice acting is well done!

But while L.A. Noire can be a great game, it has its shares of bugs and issues. There are freeze issues, minor pop-up and camera control issues. Some cases can be repetitive at times, and the story is very linear — making you play L.A. Noire precisely how the game wants it. Regardless, Team Bondi was able to bring in unique gaming experiences with its contents. In general, playing a good LAPD cop and solving crimes when Los Angeles is in its Dark Age makes L.A. Noire a one hell of a ride from beginning until the end.


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