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What You Need to Know About iOS 5 – Part 1

Written on June 11, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Before iOS 5 arrives in your supported Apple devices, GADG gathered important details on what you need to know about the upcoming mobile OS.

When senior vice president, Scott Forstall, wrapped off at last Monday’s , he focused on ten of over 200 of the next mobile OS. And with Scott Forstall’s limited time, it’s no wonder that he was unable to run down everything new with iOS 5. That said, plenty of questions were left unanswered. So while further information are still unavailable, GADG gathered all that revealed to answer your burning questions.

1. Which iOS devices will support the iOS 5?
The same with iOS 4.3, iPhone 5 also supports iPhone 4, and 2, and the third and fourth generation of iPod Touch.

2. Is there any specific dates for iOS 5?
Apple only disclosed at the WWDC 2011 that the iOS 5 will be available this fall. As to when exactly, people can only speculate. And when it comes to speculations, Apple traditionally schedules a music event around that time, and that the iPod Touch usually is center of attention. That said, announcing a new device with an older version of iOS may seem odd.

3. How much will iOS 5 cost?
Not even a cent, because the new mobile OS will come in free. And that’s for sure.


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