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What You Need to Know About iOS 5 — Part 2

Written on June 12, 2011 by Adam Eve

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More on iOS 5, GADG will talk about the revamped Notifications Center and how Apple made it better.

In continuation of GADG’s roundup for ’s , we will talk about the revamped notification feature — . See what the improvements Apple gave to the new , and know what you can do with it on your iOS devices.

More iOS 5 answers to your burning are posted below.

1. How will work in iOS 5?
To make the long story short, new notifications will appear in a floating banner that is akin to Game Center alerts. Just swipe down from the top of the screen, and you can view the Notification Center. It keeps a running list of all of your alerts, while your most recent notifications stack up on you lock screen.

2. Can I keep notifications off my lock screen?
Yes, you can, but in a manual process. While every notifications will arrive on your lock screen, you can turn it off by an app-by-app basis with the applications’ Settings.

3. How configurable are the new notifications?
The new notifications are VERY configurable. But more than that, you get plenty of control. You can configure how notifications are sorted, which applications can and can’t send you alerts, and you can even switch from original pop-ups to new banners.

4. Can third-party apps leverage the improved notifications?
Yes, they can and with no added effort. Apps that supports push-alert are now ready for iOS 5. As soon as you upgrade your device to the new mobile OS, your application will seamlessly switch and use the new notifications system.

Now that we’re done with the Notification part, GADG will share to you what Apple means about PC Free for iOS 5 next week.


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