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New Cool Features for iOS 5

Written on June 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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The newest and coolest features from iOS 5 will make its owners entertained, connected, and updated with the latest buzzes in the industry today.

Earlier this month, Steve Jobs’ team had presented half of the iOS 5’s features during its launching at WWDC. As shared by the company, the iOS 5 comes in a completely new features, making it easier to use by techie and ordinary people. And as of today, as more and more people are using this great , some additional specs have been identified.

The company is very proud to announce that they have added a new cool feature to iOS 5, wherein it will now have the ability to make FaceTime calls through using a system. Although there was a suspicious rumor stating that this might only be a beta-only feature, in which users can select whether to disable the setting due to over data usage concerns.

Moreover, an AirPlay has also been added to Apple’s invention. With this feature, carriers can watch high quality videos coming from an 2 on a HDTV. The said Apple TV is useful for those dull times, wherein you cannot keep yourself from the content. The iOS 5 as well boasts itself by having the capability to synchronize 1080p video to iOS 5 devices. Perhaps this feature would open up the idea that future iPads and iPhones may be able to play a back content that has a full 1080p.

Aside from these, music lovers can now play their favorite music over their car stereos, since the 5 can transfer audio data, such as album, track, and artist names via Bluetooth in no time.

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