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Swoop – The First Mobile Plush for iPhones

Written on June 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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The Swoop was originally designed for people who love to sleep beside their iPhones. With this stuffed animal, users can ensure that they would never lose track of their gadgets and keep them protected most of the time.

For those people who can’t sleep without their iPhones beside them, now is the perfect time to give thanks to for making a cuddlier version of your favorite . The photo that you are currently seeing above is quite real. A group of brilliant individuals had created the industry’s first deluxe for and .

This huggable stuffed owl, also known as , serves as a protective case for your iPhone or iPod touch. He is snuggly in bed, great for individuals of all shapes and sizes, and a lovely gift. It also has a transparent and user-friendly pouch, therefore, making it more cuddly and trendy.

As stated on the product’s main website, the Swoop project is not only intended for techie kids, but also for adults who are fond of sleeping beside their devices. With the Swoop, you can keep your more closer to you. In fact, you can even lay your head on it without having to worry about breaking it.

Unfortunately, Swoop the owl is not yet available in the market. Its creators are still making a few researches in order for them to successfully meet their $7,500 goal. But if you think that this project is the only thing that is missing in your iPhone, then you should better seal a $25 on Kickstarter as a sign of pre-ordering.

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