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Check Texts and Emails on Your Cellular Watches with InPulse

Written on June 15, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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InPulse, a Bluetooth-enabled wrist watch can drag almost all of your mobile phone data right into your wrist.

Cluttering your cellphones might already come to an end, because recently, a new is slated to be released in the market. The said , called , is a wrist watch – but not your ordinary watch – since it can be used to read text messages, personal email alerts, and even Facebook and Twitter feeds.

These cell-connected watches are -enabled, which can show all your mobile phone alerts right into your wrist. In the future, these watches are expected to connect directly with the Web and may even be your personal mobile phone. InPulse watches can perform several things like your phone. Specifically, it has a 1.3-inch screen that displays your texts messages, e-mails and call logs. It also have downloadable applications, which will allow you to visit your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Though these InPulse watches are not yet available in stores, some of its have already been released in public. As described by the product’s company: These cellphone-connected watches have long life, since they have built-in prototype from that uses a low energy form of Bluetooth to pull messages from your phone. Thus, its timepiece will run for an estimate of two years on a single battery. Also, the company is expecting to have a new Bluetooth standard which has the ability to save power by transferring data frequently.

Moreover, the InPulse creators are also planning to put high-speed-cellular radios in these wrist watches. A network will also be available in this gadget. The InPulse watches will utilize a MetaWatch Prototype — a concept from and built by . This system is expected to create a network, so users can connect with nearby phones and web gadgets. And like a simple wrist watch, it also has the ability to flash info, such as maps, time, and calendar.

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