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N-Control Avenger, an Attachment for Xbox 360

Written on June 15, 2011 by Lulu

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N-Control Avenger is a plastic case for the Xbox 360 controller, but covering and preventing the controller from any damages is not its main purpose.

, a plastic controller shelf for , helps gamers not just by preventing the controller to be damages by external factors — but by giving them a better control on playing games.

To use the , just open it and put the Xbox 360 controller inside the plastic case and then close it. The texture around the controller is smooth, it feels like the is embedded to the controller. The rubberized pads make it comfortable to hold in your hands and gives the gamer a greater grip.

With this plastic case, you can actually press the X, Y and B buttons without abandoning the right thumbstick by just moving the lever that is connected to those buttons back and forth. Controlling certain games where you have to press a button while dodging attacks or moving your character for a better position is now made easy. It also have a lever with a pulley on its backside, which is used for triggering the shoulder button by tampering the pulley. The gamers can also customized the pulley and lever to react from slightest to heaviest touch.

The N-Control Avenger is very comfortable to use than what it appears like. But the problem with this is the price. Avenger costs $49.99, the same as buying a new Xbox 360 controller.

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  • Fagdick

    too much poo i think, buttons dont work

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