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Facebook’s “Operation Spartan”, Using Apple’s Device Against Them

Written on June 16, 2011 by Lulu

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After working together as a team, Facebook will launch an application that will be a direct competitor of Apple's AppStore.

A report from TechCrunch’s MG Siegler says that is co-working with several developers for a secret project called “Project Spartan”, a HTML5-based that would circumvent ’s on devices and aims to reach for a 100 million users.

The Facebook is about to launch a mobile application that directly aims for iPhones and . But it will not be sold on Apple’s Appstore. It will be an entirely HTML5 based application that will work on because its the one area of the device where Facebook will be able to control it.

“Project Spartan” is a mobile web version of Facebook with drop down commands and keys for browsing new applications. Once loaded, those apps would be surrounded by a “Facebook wrapper” that would integrate with the social network, adding features such as Credits, the company’s micropayment system.

Even though Facebook never admit, the main goal of the project is to use Apple’s own devices against them. So people will now use Facebook as the distribution model for games and application rather than Apple’s AppStore.

On the previous years, Apple and Facebook is working together. But as Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that they’re having a problem regarding about  an agreement to a deal to connect the company’s Ping music-centered social network into Facebook because of a demanding term. Then insiders said that the  two companies tried to talk about the issue for 18 months until the negotiations broke down.

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