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Outer Space Exploration With iPhone 4

Written on June 16, 2011 by Lulu

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Two iPhone 4 will be hitching a ride to the outer space, as the NASA astronauts will use the mobile phone to study the Earth's exterior.

’s astronauts will be bringing two to the space station on their final shuttle mission, rather than inventing another with the same application and usage. While on the space station, they will use the to study radiation levels, orbital location and altitude, even in calibrating space station instruments.

developed an application called for iOS, which will be installed on the two iPhones. The good news is this: You can also get the application even though you’re not an astronaut. You can buy it in the App Store for only 99 cents. For those people who dream to be an astronaut, it’s a must-buy application for them to start pretending that they’re in a shuttle exploring the Earth’s exterior.

The SpaceLab application has four different key functions. One is the Limb Tracker that is used to take a picture of the Earth’s curvature, called the limb, by using iPhone 4’s camera and matching the arc to the horizon to measure station altitude. The second function, Sensor Cal, calibrates the iPhone’s camera, accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope by the use a QR code. The third is called State Acquisition, which uses the phone’s three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer to determine where the phone is located in space, by lining up pictures with NOAA coastline models. And the last function is the LFI tool (Lifecycle Flight Instrumentation) that studies how well the unit can work in by attempting to detect radiation exposure.

After the exploration and experiments are done, the two iPhone 4 will return to earth by a Soyuz craft and the data that was stored in them will be uploaded to iTunes store so other users on Earth can see it.

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