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What You Need to Know About iOS 5 – Part 3

Written on June 18, 2011 by Adam Eve

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One of the many features of iOS 5 is being PC Free. But what does Apple really mean about that?

Last week, GADG discussed the basics and the notification of . This week, we’ll learn more about the upcoming mobile OS from , as GADG shares with you what is all about.

What does Apple mean by ‘PC Free’?
During your Apple device’s initial setup, when syncing or grabbing software updates, you’ll no longer need to tether it to a Mac or PC. In addition to this, you can still use your iPhone or even while syncing.

Can I download just a bit of the huge software update?
Sure you can! Also new in iOS 5 is the support. Instead of downloading the whole copy of the mobile OS, you can just get the ‘much smaller’ update that contains only the changed bits.

Am I still going to need my Mac for some things?
Albeit Apple is pleased to sell more Macs, the company would really be glad if you can update anything on your iPhone or iPad. With iOS 5, you can take actions – big or small – that previous iterations of the mobile OS didn’t support.

More iOS 5 question will be answered tomorrow, so just keep it posted here at GADG.


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