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Apple Rumor Roundup: Back-to-School Promo, MacBook Air, MobileMe and More

Written on June 19, 2011 by Adam Eve

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People at the Rumor City are spreading words about Apple's MacBook Air, Mac Pro, iCloud, iPhone, iOS 5 and more. Which of them are true and which are just plain hearsays?

Back-to-School Promo
In the past, gave away free iPod – which is usually worth around $200 – for every Mac purchase to qualifying students. However, there are rumors suggesting that the company’s back-to-school promo this year is a $100 iTunes Gift Card only. The fact that the iPod will not be part of ’s promo for the upcoming school year only means that the company will be delaying the device’s upgrade. And with iPod’s financial importance diminishing to , it only makes perfect sense.

iPhone 5 and
While Apple did not show even a preview of its upcoming iPhone 5, there are words on the other side of the fence that it’s now in advance testing. Manufacturers – Omnivision and Sony – were tipped to provide 8-megapixel cameras for iPhone 5, while a purported leak of data from UAE suggests that the device might support LTE protocols. On the other hand, the iOS 5 is instructed to sport a native panoramic camera app that will surely grate on the developers of existing apps to do the same trick.

and ’s Future
With Steve Jobs’s brief statement that no new version of iWeb is coming, it only means that web hosting is not possible in iCloud as it was in MobileMe. ThisIsMyNext’s Joshua Topolsky was told by Apple that there will be no web apps for calendar, email or in iCloud. However, other camps heard a different story with some evidences surfacing.

“Chrome Mode” Safari-Only Boot
While the OS X Lion can boot into a browser-only mode, the tech world suggests that Apple is only aping Google Chrome OS in a way. However, there is a simple explanation for this. Perhaps when an incorrect user password was entered, the Safari-only boot mode was enabled by default. It enables the ‘Find My Mac’ system to quickly locate a stolen or lost PC since it could find a network and ‘ping’ its location once the browser pops up. The Safari-only boot also have a ‘kiosk mode’ where Macs have tightly controlled uses in schools, stores and businesses.

New Mac Mini Servers and the Mac Pros
There are reports that the Mac Mini Servers and Mac Pros and running out in stores, while there are no imminent re-stock due. This is typical for Apple before a product line gets a refresh. However, rumors are hinting of a possible rack-mountable , while there’s no room in the Apple catalog for a future Mini Server.

New MacBook Airs
There are 380,000 units of MacBook Air pegged for a late June release, which appears to be getting some attention with new CPUs and Thunderbolt. In addition to this, the 3 with screen resolution that is six times higher than the current models is said to be in the works.

Which among these rumors will become reality first? Share your insights at the comment below.


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