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What You Need to Know About iOS 5 – Part 4

Written on June 19, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Following PC Free, GADG moves on to iMessage.

Yesterday, GADG told you what PC Free in is all about. This time, we will answer your questions about the . What it is, how it works and what makes it different to regular SMS will be answered.

Read on to know more about iOS 5’s iMessage.

What is iMessage?
It is sort of ’s all-in-one replacement text, group and MMS messaging. If you’re familiar with BlackBerry messaging, it’s the same thing with iMessage. However, it’s only limited to iOS devices.

What makes it better than regular text messaging?
Compare to SMS text messaging, iMessage supports delivery and read receipts, and live typing status. However, your iOS device will not inform your contact when you’ve read his message. So you must manually enable it. In addition to its improvements, the iMessage doesn’t count against your regular text messaging quota.

Does that mean I can cancel my text messaging plan now?
You could, but here is the catch: The iMessage is limited to communicating between iOS devices only. That said, you still have to rely on SMS when sending a message to a contact who uses other kind of phone. Moreover, your carrier may charge you for receiving SMS from other devices.

Does iMessage replaces the Messages on ?
No, it doesn’t. It is actually a part of that app. When you compose a message, your iOS will automatically switch to iMessage if your contact is also a user of this feature. Otherwise, it will be a regular SMS.

How does iMessage work on or ?
The iMessage can work with your phone number or e-mail address. It also allows you to specify which e-mail addresses you’d like to link your iMessage account — just like FaceTime.


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