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Nokia’s Most Anticipated Phone — The Nokia N9

Written on June 21, 2011 by Lulu

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Nokia officially announces their new smartphone at an event in Singapore. Introducing: The Nokia N9!

At ’s Singapore event, the company revealed their most anticipated phone — . The first smartphone focuses on a rare, truly buttonless design, swipe gesture control, switching applications from a pane-based interface, and an iOS 5-style swipe to launch apps from individual notifications. The design was made to omit a home button and replaces it with multitouch in its every process, including modern web and media browsing.

Nokia considers N9 as its most powerful media device to date. It a 3.9-inch, 480×854 AMOLED screen; Dolby headphone and Digital Plus audio decoding; and an eight megapixel camera that’s wide-angle, wide aperture (f2.2) and one of the most fastest camera in phone. A microSDHC slot provides a removable storage for a lot bigger memory on the phone. Near Field Communication (NFC) is included in N9’s . NFC can help for wireless payments and games like Angry Birds Magic.

There’s also an upcoming Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker that only needs a single pairing over bluetooth. After pairing it to the phone, you can immediately play some music by tapping the phone against the speaker. This device can also play music from other bluetooth audio sources. As this phone ships later this year, it may include both a 16GB model and a 64GB edition for a sheer storage.

Even though Nokia is still in a transition state to , the N9 is a great evidence that the company can develop its own self-contained platform — even though is on its way out. MeeGo was cooperating with Intel and has left the chip maker in search for support, after Nokia relegated it to a secondary platform. The success with their N9 could lead to more development as well as confidence in Nokia’s health over a long period of time.

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