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Rumor: Apple’s Next-Gen Mac Pro Adding up a Custom CPU

Written on June 21, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Rumors claim that Apple's next-generation Mac Pro will have a rack-mountable "server" version and a custom CPU.

Last Monday, MIC reported that the next from Apple will “look different in appearance” and will have a built-in mountable server model that is created to replace the Xserve line. Based on the said report, the new Mac will use I/O, and make the transition to architecture using a “unique CPU” designed for Mac Pros and “not seen in PC.”

Although the company had not yet revealed any further information regarding the custom CPU, the updated Mac Pro is believed to be “significantly faster with the updated processor” and “good for enterprise.” As of now, Apple’s plans for the custom Mac Pro CPU are still vague, but MacNN assumes that the company might have early access to the Xeon E5 processor on July or August. There are also rumors last weekend, stating that Apple has created new features for its Mac Pros and Mac Minis. They will add Sandy Bridge and a Thunderbolt port, and the said are expected to launch in August.

Also, AppleInsider announced last week that Apple is planning to delay the release of the new Mac refresher until the Mac OS Lion operating system is ready for its launching in July. MIC Gadget, as well, shared their reports that the next generation Mac Minis will have a price drop due to switching from NVIDIA’s graphics chips to Intel HD integrated graphics. Apple are said to save $40 per unit, but as a result of this, the gaming performance will be affected.

The report also revealed some updates about the and . According to hearsay, the new has a better design for heat dissipation, while the Airport Extreme has an extended range and better heat dissipation. The base station are capable to make three networks, which includes an on and off limited guest network. These two products are expected to have a secret feature “of caching updates for Mac OS X and iOS.”

These information presented above is not yet considered official. It may be true, and maybe not.

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