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T-Mobile Shares Fixes for HTC Sensation 4G Data Connectivity Issues

Written on June 21, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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After hearing several complains from HTC Sensation 4G owners, T-mobile gives tips on how to fix the mobile device's data connectivity issues.

Right before ’s were sold at Walmart, a couple of owners started complaining about the . Most of the customers said that their Sensation 4G are stuck on a 2G network and then dropped off from 4G. Some even grumbled that they suffered from intermittent data issues, in which data are working in one minute and then cut out on their next attempt.

As seen on the ’s forum, those negative reactions began arising around June 10. And before the issue got worst, the company immediately reviewed the problem and revealed some that might help the owners who are suffering from the data connectivity thing.

If you are one of those users who experienced the HTC Sensation 4G data connectivity issue, here is what you have to do:

1. In case you are using a 2G SIM, swapped it out at your local T-Mobile store for a 3G/4G SIM. Don’t use this kind of SIM, instead, use the one that came in the Sensation 4G box.

2. Make sure that your contract is properly provisioned with a 4G data plan. If you are currently using grandfathered or BlackBerry plans, check if your Data SOC is on a 4G plan.

3. If the tips above doesn’t work, then it is time for you to do a little tinkering: Dial *#*#4636#*#* and then press “Phone Information” > Toggle Ciphering to OFF > Turn off Radio > Turn on Radio > Toggle Ciphering to ON.

Perhaps this issue is not really considered as a phone problem at all. The Sensation 4G is not actually suffering from any software problems, and the phone can be fixed in no time.

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  • George L

    After 2 phones returned. A tmo tech rep came out and said thier is no fix and that htc has confirmed there to be a problem but have no fix yet So I returned the phone. And then found out the radio in the sensation is not 100% compatable with tmo’s 4 g towers.

  • Bartigliere

    got this phone three days ago… nothing but problems already, internet disconnects several times a day, have to restart it to fix it. Signal quality is the worst I ever had, it is mostly on 2g/edge network and bounces in and out 4g when constantly… all in a 4g area.  Speaker is unusable… wothless in the car, so low it makes no sense using it. The phone frequently heats up at the bottom, when using the internet or charging it. Terrible phone , cant believe htc is not testing these phones better before putting them out on the market.

    • Diddlerdoyle62

      I have the phone over 2 weeks now nothing but problems loseing internet constantley to many other problems to mention HTC rushed this phone on the market with out realty testing the software

  • Daniel

    my only complaint so far is that youtube videos stop at random times and it takes a while for them to start back up from where it left off. annoying

  • Mike

    This is not a problem with the phones.  I have an HTC (T-Mobile) G2 which is a 4G phone.  Actually, I have two of these…one for me and one for my fiancee’.  The problem exists on both phones.  And, this is the second time this has appeared.  First time was several months ago…lasted a couple of weeks.  Now, it’s been happening since around September 9, 2011.  Funny thing…I can put either phone on the EDGE (2G) network, and the signal remains solid.  Same if I have either phone on WIFI.  As soon as I go back to 4G, signal becomes intermittent.  (I’m in the Seattle area.)  To make matters more peculiar…as soon as I get in my car and turn the corner from where I live, the 4G signal comes back solid.  I want to discontinue my home Internet service (through another provider) and just use my phone as a WIFI hotspot over the 4G network at my house, but the signal is intermittent JUST AT MY HOUSE and nowhere else.  I don’t know if it’s a single tower or what causing the problem.  I just wish T-Mobile would get their act together.

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