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Olympus E-P3 Specs, Revealed

Written on June 27, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Features of Olympus E-P3 leaked out too early.

Originally, the is scheduled to be released before the year ends. But it seems that some of its have been unveiled too early.

The E-P3 has been rumored to be somewhat similar to Olympus E-P2. The only difference is that the new model has a more improved image quality and high-tech . According to Photo Rumors, the Olympus E-P3 has 12-megapixel sensor with ISO 12,800 sensitivity limit. It also has autofocus and built-in flash, which are not present to some cameras like the E-P2.

In addition to this, the E-P3 has created a new interface — it now features a 600,000-pixel , revamped buttons, menus, and expansion ports. Its movie capture is upgraded to 60 frames per second as well.

The Olympus E-P3 would cost at around $800 per kit. Though some of its specs have been revealed, many of its features are still unknown. It is expected too that the and features will be leaked out, but it will not be shipped along with the E-P3.

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  • Eyelash Elsver

    If it’s true, the alone affair that separates me from this apparatus
    will apparently be the price! I achievement that the adolescent sister
    “epl3″ brings with it a lot EP3!

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