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An Infographic Reveals Lulzsec’s Hacking Statistics and Top Attacks

Written on June 28, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Infographic entitled Hack Attack shows the top Lulzsec attacks, hacking statistics, black and white hackers, and password hacking times.

Nowadays, the number of hacking attacks have been obviously increasing — affecting websites that have no strong securities. Some known groups behind these assaults are and Lulz Security (), who had just retired from their job as but still encouraging other people to continue what they have started.

As a way of safeguarding innocent online brands and discussing the vital statistics of such hacking groups, and Gizmoz recently created an entitled “”.

The infographic was able to enumerate almost all of the hacking attacks made by the Lulz Security, and the personal information which the group obtained from their website victims. Aside from that, hacking statistics were shown on the infographic as well. It revealed that 73% of Americans have been assailed by those cyber crimes, and such websites have already lost $1 trillion.

The “Hack Attack” also displayed the top black and white hackers. Black hackers are described as those who have been imprisoned, while the white hackers are those who are not really considered as cyber hackers. The length of hacking times were also studied and shown on the infographic. It is then unveiled that passwords with 6 letters or less can be hacked in just 10 minutes, while 9 character passwords, with numbers and symbols, can be hacked in 44,530 years.

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