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Verizon Freezes Motorola’s Android 2.3 Upgrades

Written on June 29, 2011 by Lulu

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Verizon put Motorola's Android 2.3 upgrade on hold due several technical issues and the rough state of Droid X update.

Due to technical problems and issues, may have rejected all of ’s upgrades. The rough state of update which consists of lag, rebooting, short battery life and other issues had led the carrier to cease the updates for other Motorola Droid devices until the upgrade quality improves. According to Droid-Life sources, Motorola is bringing back update teams to fix the technical issues mentioned above.

Verizon puts a hold to any future Droid Pro upgrades, and leaves the , Global and without updates — even if some of these phones were said to have 2.3 within days. However, with freeze order, it may take a longer period of time.

Neither Motorola nor Verizon confirmed the rumor. But even if the Android 2.3 is on hold, it doesn’t hurt Motorola’s sales in a short period of time. With and others still largely on track for Android 2.3, Motorola’s stay on Android 2.2 could lead some users to rethink of upgrades.

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